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What we see in an Online Casino

There are a few things we consider very important when writing a review on a casino game, a player's bonus, a software provider or a online casino.
    For casino games we rate the top casinos by how low the house edge is after the benefit of a bonus is taken into account. We care less about the size of the bonus and more about the reduced house edge. If we are writing a review about a particular game provided by an individual casino, we will try to write a review that includes the expected pay out ratio, bonus eligibility, a brief lesson in how to play the game and the pay out table.
    For bonuses we look at the number and type of casino games that may be restricted from play while using a bonus. We greatly prefer casinos that discount game play at casino games with a low house edge instead of completely banning the game. Our reviews are written so that you will know how much game play will be required to clear each $1 in bonus instead of the usual bonus + deposit. We also try our best to get the estimated house edge while playing with a bonus for each casino game.
    The casino reviews are filled with information and stats on most of the casino games and the welcome bonuses. Bonuses are broken down by the play required in order to clear a bonus and the house edge. Each of our reviews will have information on the ownership group, the support staff, the trustworthiness of the casino and our own personal experience playing there.

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