Baccarat Online

The game play is the same whether or not you are playing Baccarat online or if you play at a land based casino. The hands are scored the same way, you can bet on the player's hand, the banker's hand or that it will end up as a tie. There is only one difference and that is the pay out. Online casinos, because of the low overhead can afford to pay out the players just that little bit more. You can also play for a $1 a hand (or even play for free) instead of the usual $10 minimum. Not only that, but you will get paid a healthy bonus based on your game play. This makes the decision to play online or not, a no-brainer. If you are not sure on how to play Baccarat, you can read how at the bottom of this web page.
    The majority of online casinos will not let you work off your welcome bonus while playing baccarat. There is only a few that do. All of the casinos that allow you to play Baccarat with your bonus, do it at a discounted rate. This means you will need to wager more than you would normally have to when compared to other casino games, such as slots. This is done because of the unusually small house edge for Baccarat. The average pay out percentage is 98.7% or up to 99.3% when using a bonus.  There is currently no online casinos that accept Americans, that will allow you to play Baccarat with a bonus.

Baccarat Bonus

The house edge can be virtually wiped out when you play with a welcome bonus at the Bovada Casino. You can expect to lose 1.2 cents for each $1 wagered. You could wager $83.33 per hand and your long term losses would average about $1 per hand.

Wagering requirements: 1000 x bonus
Deposit $200, and play through (25 x ($200 + $200)) ÷ 0.05 (discounted play rate) = $200000/$200 bonus = 1000 x bonus.
Pay out %: 98.7%
Expect to lose 1.3 cents for every $1 wagered.
Pay out with bonus: 98.8%
$100 Bonus x 1000 = $100000 play through, $100000 x (98.7%) = $98700 winnings, $98700 + $100 bonus = $98800, $98800(payouts)/$100000(wagers) = 98.8%

How to Play Baccarat

Baccarat is a popular casino game, mostly because of the small house edge that the casino has.  There are three different wagers you can make.  You can bet on a tie, on the player's hand and the banker's hand.  A successful tie wager will pay out 9:1.  A wager on the player's hand will pay out even money for a win and a push for a tie.  A wager on the banker's hand will push for a tie also and pay out even money, minus a five percent commission for a win.
    The banker's and player's hands are won by getting the closest score to nine.  The values for the playing cards are face value for 2 to 9, Aces are worth one point, and tens and face cards are worth nil.  If the score of your hand is in the double digits, then the first digit will be dropped off your score.  So a hand with 17 points would actually have a score of seven.
    To begin playing you first have to decide which of those three wagers you want to make and how much.  Once you are ready, press deal and the cards will be dealt out.  Initially both the banker's and the player's hands will have two cards.  Additional cards may be dealt out, but if so they will automatically be dealt out and there is nothing you can do to influence the outcome of the hands.
    A hand that is dealt a natural will automatically win, unless the other hand has a higher natural or both have equal naturals.  A natural is a hand with a score of 8 or 9.  If neither hand has a natural then a third card will be dealt out according to these rules.
    If the player's hand has a score of 0 to 5 then he will draw a third card, otherwise he will stand on his hand.  If the player has a score of 6 or 7 after two cards, then the dealer will draw a third card, but only if the banker's score after two cards was between 0 - 5.
    If the player has drawn a third card the banker will draw a third card also when;

  • The banker's hand is equal to 0, 1 or 2.
  • If the banker's hand is 3 and the player's third card wasn't an 8.
  • If bh = 4 and the player's third card was between 2 - 7.
  • If bh = 5 and the player's third card was between 4 - 7.
  • If bh = 6 and the player's third card was a 6 or a 7.

    The banker will always stand on a 7, 8 or 9.  A lot of these rules sound somewhat complicated, but once you start playing it will be a lot easier to follow.  Something to remember is that you don't need to know all of these rules, because once you have pressed the deal button, there is nothing you can do to influence the results of the game.

Progressive Baccarat

Progressive Baccarat has the same rules as a the regular Baccarat game and can be played at casinos that run on Playtech software.  Only the stakes for betting on a tie, big, small, a banker's pair, a player's pair, a either pair or a perfect pair are higher here and there is also a progressive game to play as well.
    To win a progressive bonus, you will need to tie the banker.  Different hands pay out a different amount with the top hand being both banker and the player getting an Ace and an eight suited.  The progressive jackpot was listed at $5000 at the time of our latest review of a Playtech casino.


Baccarat Pay Table

Payout for each $1 wagered

Player hand bet = $2

Banker hand bet = $1.95

Tie bet = $9

Progressive Baccarat

Progressive Baccarat Pay Table


Pay out



Banker Win

1:1 - 5%

Player Win


Player Pair


Banker Pair


Either Pair


Perfect Pair


Player Win






Bonus Pay out

Player Ace + 8 and the Banker matches


Player suited A + 8 and Banker has suited A + 8


Player + banker A + 8


Natural 9


Natural 8


Natural 7


Natural 6