Playing Wild Viking

If you haven't played the Wild Viking table game before, then you are not alone.  Not too many casino players have actually heard of this game, never mind played it.  Most casino players should enjoy this game or at the very least learn to appreciate it.  There is a mix of Roulette and Caribbean Stud Poker element to it.  The best part is you can place both of these type of wagers at the same time.  Before we start explaining the way the individual bets work, we will just let you know that there is 54 cards in the deck including two jokers.

Roulette Bets
When placing a roulette type you will be betting on the outcome of the fifth card to be dealt in the middle of the table.  There is twelve different roulette type wagers at the Wild Viking table game that you can bet on.
    You can place a wager on a individual card.  This is done by placing a chip on any of the 54 cards.  If this bet if successful you will be paid out 51:1.  By placing a chip on two adjoining cards, you are doubling the chances of success, but you now be paid out 25:1 if any of the two cards hit.  If the chip is placed on four adjoining cards, that will reduce the pay out to 12:1.
    You can also bet on a rank of cards.  You can do this by placing the chip on the numbers or letters below the cards.  Doing this will pay out 12:1 if that card is hit no matter what the suit.  Place the chip on two adjoining ranks to give you double the chances of winning.  This will result in a 5:1 pay out if one of the ranks hit.
    Bet on a suit, by placing a chip on one of the four symbols in the lower right corner.  This particular bet will pay out 3:1.  Bets placed on odd, even, red, black, 2 - 7 and 8 - K will pay out 1:1.  These bets are mostly self explanatory and can be placed at the bottom of the Wild Viking table.
    Place a chip on the Wild Viking square at the bottom and you will be betting that a joker will be the first and last card in the poker hand.  If this happens, you will be paid out 1250:1 on your bet.

Poker Bets
There is some poker bets as well, you can place a poker bet by placing a chip on one of the squares in the top right corner.  These bets are not exact bets.  If you are placing a bet on two pair, you will get paid out as long as the five card poker hand is two pairs or better.  The pay outs will be the same though.  Pay outs range from 1:1 to 280:1 depending on the risk you are taking.  Jokers are considered wild in these types of poker bets.
    The progressive bet will cost you $1 per hand.  Jokers are wild in this game and is needed to win the progressive jackpot.  The progressive jackpot can be won by getting a Wild Viking royal flush.  A Wild Viking royal flush is a royal flush with a joker at both ends of the poker hand.  Other prizes include a regular royal flush which will pay out 999:1 down to a three of a kind which pays you out 2:1.

Wild Viking table game

Wild Viking Pay Table

Roulette Type Bets


Pay out

Any single card


2 specific adjoining cards


4 specific adjoining cards


Any rank of card


adjoining rank of cards


Any suit


Block of 4 ranks


Block of 6 ranks






Wild Viking


Poker Bets


Pay out

4 or a kind or better


Full house or better


Flush or better


Straight or better


of a kind or better


2 pairs or better


Pair of 6's or better


Progressive Bonus


Pay out

Wild Viking Royal Flush


5 of a kind


Royal Flush


Straight Flush


Four of a kind


Full House






3 of a kind