Vegas Three Card Rummy

If you are looking for a new fun and different casino game, then this might be what you are looking for.  There are two different types of wagers you can make when playing Vegas Three Card Rummy.
    Before deciding which game to play, there is a few things you should know.  Whenever there is a pair, the values of those two cards will be zero.  So a the KK5 hand would have a score of 5.  Also whenever two cards that are a suited run, the values of those cards will also be zeroed out.  For example a hand with a 7 diamonds, a king of hearts and a queen of hearts, would have a value of 7.  If none of the cards in your hand are zeroed out, then the score of your hand would be value of your cards.  Aces are equal to 1, twos equals a score of 2, threes are worth 3 and face cards are worth 10.
    Now that you know how to play, it is now time to decide if you want to place a wager on the bonus bet, the regular game or even both.
    If you decide to play the bonus bet, you will need to place a wager on the bonus button.  You will then need to press the deal button.  After your cards are dealt, you will be paid a set amount depending on the value of your cards.  You can win up to a hundred times your bonus bet by getting a A23 suited run.  There is also secondary pay outs for hands with a score between 0 and 12.  After making the bet, there's is no decisions to make in the bonus game.
    If you are playing the regular game, you will need to place a wager on the ante button which is located to the right of the bonus button.  Press deal and your three cards will be dealt face up.  You will then need to decide to fold or bet your hand.  If you fold, you will lose your ante and if you bet your hand, you will be placing an additional wager equal to your ante.
    If the dealer's hand has a score that is more than twenty, he will not qualify.  You will be paid an amount equal to your ante and your bet will be refunded.  The amount you win doesn't depend on the score of your hand.  Every win is the same.
    If the dealer's hand is twenty or less, than his hand will qualify.  When this happens you will need to beat the dealer's hand to win.  If you don't, you will lose your ante and your bet.  If you do beat the dealer's hand you will be paid an amount equal to your ante for your ante.  You will also be paid out on your bet.  The amount you are paid will depend on the score of your hand.  A score of zero will pay out 4:1, a score between 1 and 5 will pay out 2:1, and a score between 6 and 19 will pay out 1:1.

Bonus Bet Probability

For a A-2-3 suited run you would need to have; your first card to be 12/52 cards, your second card to be 2/51 cards and your final card to be 1/50 cards. This works out to (12/52) x (2/51) x (1/50) = .018% chance or a one in 5525 chance.
    To get a score of zero you will either need a suited run or a three of a kind.  For the three of a kind you would need; any random card for your first card, 3/51 for your second card and 2/50 for your final card. There is a 0.235% chance that you will get three of a kind. We already know the odds of an individual run of three to be .018% and there is ten possible run of threes excluding A-2-3. In total there is about a 0.416% chance (about one in every 240 hands) of getting paid for a score of zero on the bonus bet. (0.235294117% + (10 possible runs of three x .018099547) = .41628959211%.

Vegas Three Card Rummy

Vegas Three Card Rummy Pay Table

Raise Bet


Pay out



1 - 5


6 - 19


Bonus Bet



Pay out*

A-2-3 Suited Run








1 - 6




7 - 10




11 - 12







$965.42 (96.5%)

* based on $1,000 wagered