Blackjack with Perfect Pairs

You can play two games at once.  You can play the regular blackjack game and the Perfect Pair game at the Bodog and Bovada Casinos.  If the Perfect Pair side game is too distracting for you then you can play the regular blackjack game by itself if you want to.
    The perfect pairs game can be played by placing a wager on the perfect pairs button.  You can wager $1 to $250 for this game.  After making your wager, there is nothing you can do to increase or decrease the amount you can win.
    Payouts are determined based on your two initial cards.  Any pair will pay out 6:1, a pair with the same color will pay out 12:1 and two identical cards will pay out 25:1.

Perfect Pair Pay Table


4 Deck Probability

8 Deck Probability

Pay Out

4 Deck Return*

8 Deck Return*

Perfect Pair






Same Color Pair






Mixed Pair






Winning Hands




$898.55 (89.9%)

$959.03 (95.9%)

* The expected long term return when a $1,000 is wagered.

Perfect Pairs

Where to play Perfect Pairs

It is important that if you are going to be playing the Perfect Pairs side game, that you look for a table that has at least 8 decks of cards.  Whether or not the dealer plays through that far into the shoe is irrelevant.  Just improving your outs to available cards ratio for a Perfect Pair is good enough.  The more decks that are played, the closer the probability is between getting a perfect pair and getting the same color pair, which is half the pay.  Between a four deck shoe and a eight deck shoe, there is a 6% house edge difference in favour of the eight deck shoe.
    Why is it better to play with more decks in the shoe?  Lets start with determining the odds of getting a perfect pair in a four deck shoe.  In a four deck shoe you would need your first card to be any random card and your second card to be 3 of the remaining matching cards out of the remaining 207 cards.  This works out to be a (3/207 = 1.45%) 1.45% probability or a about a one in sixty-nine chance of happening.
    In a eight deck shoe you will need your first card to be any random card and your second card to be one of the seven left over matching cards out of the remaining 415 cards.  There is a (7/415 = 1.69%) 1.69% chance that this will happen or a one out of every fifty-nine hands.  Just in the pay out for perfect pairs you will end up winning $61.74 less at the four deck table for every $1000 that you wager.