Playing Sicbo Online

Most Internet casinos won't even let you play Sicbo before clearing your welcome bonus requirements, but there is a few quality casinos that will let you play and work off your bonus at the same time. Don't expect a 15 or even a 30 times play through. The house edge for Sicbo is 2.8%, so there isn't much a online casino can do to make the house edge lower without the risk of losing money. The house edge with the welcome bonuses works out to a paltry 2.3% depending on the casino that you are playing at.
    Many Internet casinos will not let you play Sicbo with a welcome bonus. If you are about to play Sicbo online, you should check the terms and conditions of the casino you are planning of playing at to make sure you are allowed to play without any restrictions.

Sicbo Bonus

Online you can play Sicbo with a house edge that is less than 2.5%. You will be able to play $43.48 a hand and average a loss of $1 per hand. For each $1 wagered it will cost you approximately 2/10 of a cent.

Wagering requirements: 200 x bonus
Pay out %: 97.2%
Expect to lose 2.8 cents for every $1 wagered.
Pay out with bonus: 97.7%
$200 Bonus x 200 = $40000 play through, $40000 x (97.2%) = $38880 winnings, $38880 + $200 bonus = $39080, $39080(payouts)/$40000(wagers) = 97.7%

Sicbo Facts

Skill Level Needed: Nil
Type of game: Dice
House Edge: 2.8 - 33% depending on the type of bet, and location
What to look for: Try to find a casino that has a decent payout table.

Object of Sicbo

To predict the roll of three dice.

A how to guide on playing Sicbo

1. Player places up to 7 different types of bets on the table.
2. The dealer rolls three dice.
3. The dealer pays out the winners and removes the losers bets.

Types of Sicbo Wagers

This is a fun casino game to play that has many different possible wagers.  Pay outs range from 1:1 to a 180:1.  There are some very aggressive and conservative bets in the game of Sicbo.  The wagering limits vary depending on the type of bet and the casino that you are playing at.
    To begin playing you will first have to decide what type of wager you will want to make.  Once you have decided on your wagers, you will have to roll the dice.  The three dice will then stop and you will be paid based on the result of this roll.  We have listed the possible wagers allowed at a Sicbo table.  Find out the pay out odds, the betting limits and how you win.

  • You can place a wager on triples.  You can bet on a particular triple or any triple.
    Pay out odds: Any triple 30:1, exact triple 180:1

  • To place a wager on a double, place your chips on the set of doubles you want to wager on.  To win at least two of the three dice rolled will have to land on that number.
    Pay out odds: 10:1

  • When you are placing a wager on the small or big square, you are guessing that the total of the three dice rolled will be a high number or low number.  The small bet is a wager for the total will be between 4 and 10 and the big bet is a wager on the total being between 11 and 17.  Any triple that is rolled will result in a loss for you..
    Pay out odds: 1:1

  • If you are convince you can guess the total score for the upcoming roll, then maybe betting on a total will be right for you.  The pay out odds and wagering limits differ depending on the total you are wagering on.
    Pay out odds: 9 - 12 = 6:1, 8 or 13 = 8:1, 7 or 14 = 12:1, 6 or 15 = 17:1, 5 or 16 = 30:1, 4 or 17 = 60:1

  • You can place a wager that a two dice combination will appear after the three dice have been rolled.  Possible combinations include; 1+2, 1+3, 1+4, 1+5, 1+6, 2+3, 2+4, 2+5, 2+6, 3+4, 3+5, 3+6, 4+5, 4+6 and 5+6.
    Pay out odds: 5:1

  • You can place a wager on a single number.  If one of the three dice that is rolled lands on that number you win.  You will also get paid extra for getting two of a kind and three of a kind.
    Pay out odds: 1:1 for one dice, 2:1 for two dice and 3:1 for three matching dice


Sic Bo is purely a game of chance, but you can increase the likelihood of winning by betting on Small or Big.  Also look for casinos that have a generous pay-out table for the more riskier bets, if you decide to play them.


Sic Bo Pay out Table


1 Dice

2 Dice

3 Dice

Triple exact #




Any Triple




Double exact #








2 Dice Combos = 5:1

Exact 4 or 17 = 60:1

Exact 5 or 16 = 30:1

Exact 6 or 15 = 17:1

Exact 7 or 14 = 12:1

Exact 8 or 13 = 8:1

Exact 9 or 12 = 6:1

Exact 10 or 11 = 6:1

4 - 10 (no triples) = 1:1

11 - 17 (no triples) = 1:1