Multi Player Slot Machines

Online multi player slot machines (also known as Community Slots) are a very popular worldwide form of entertainment that takes place in online casinos of course.  The popularity of these machines may very well be attributed to the simple game play; unlike other games that depend on combinations to win (like poker or blackjack, that have complex rules and science and skill added to the mix), slot machines are simply luck based, as the only thing you have to do is to spin the wheel and wait for a random result.  Several strategies can be adopted to try to maximize profit, though, bur that's totally up to each player, as there's no science involved.  Since it's also a social game, it's not hard to see why so many people gather a group of friends and spend some hours having fun and competing friendly between themselves, be it for real money or even play money, as most casinos also provide a cash free playing experience.  The higher your bet is, whether you're playing real money or fake money, the higher are the chances of scoring a big prize, sometimes so out of proportion that it can change your life from one minute to the other when playing for real money, as this sometimes means 7 figure numbers!
    This article relates to the game and also to the most prominent companies that provide it, from pioneers in the business to already reputed newcomers, so you can have an idea on what to expect.  Some of the most famous slot machine games will also be presented, as the variety exceeds the tens of thousands easily, and then there are also sub-varieties, making this a very complex and vast (but friendly) territory to explore, so take the tour with us for a comprehensive explanation, as you gather information and fun facts all along.

Wheel of Wealth Multi Player Slots

Wheel of Wealth Community Slot Machine Though this is a recent game, the hush hush about it has been escalating real fast due to obvious reasons: the pays it provides and the amazing graphics allied to a classic lifestyle theme make this one an instant classic.  Based on the symbols of wealth and prosperity, the game play is straight forward and simple: you can choose coin sizes as $0.01, $0.02, $0.05, $0.1, $0.2, $0.25 and $0.50 and playing this slot you can cover all 25 pay lines with a minimum bet of $0.25.  The maximum bet of this game is 250 coins or $125.  Needless to say, the more lines you play and the more you bet per line, the higher the rewards will be, and playing 10 coins per line with a coin size of $0.50 will allow you access to 3 different jackpots:  The highest jackpot is 10,000 coins (5 Wheel of Wealth).  The second jackpot is 1,000 coins (4 Wheel of Wealth).  The third highest jackpot is 750 coins (5 Lear Jets).  After you've decided the number of lines and wager per line, you just have to spin the button and that's as simple as that.
    The symbols are the more common ones associated to wealth: diamonds, gold bars, lear jets, sports cars, wads of notes etc, along with fruits like grapes, watermelons, oranges, lemons, cherries and apples.  Some other symbols included are the Wheel of Wealth, Scatter and Bonus.  These symbols will pay you according to their positions and combinations in the several lines of the reels, allowing for huge prizes if they are aligned correctly.

Everybody's Jackpot Slots Free Spins

Wheel Wealth Community Slots Feature The game offers a special game mode, the Wheel of Wealth Multi player Slot Bonus Game.  To access this mode, you must get three or four Bonus icons on the reels and activate the Reel Bonus Game.  During this bonus feature you should select one of the Bonus icons appearing on the reels to reveal your prize, which can be up to 2,000 coins.  Furthermore, you'll have the opportunity to see the winnings of other players competing against you add up to information and also excitement to see who's in the lead.  Last but not least, the game allows you to chat with other players, a great way to pass some time and also to share winnings.

Everybody's Jackpot Multi Player Slot Machine

Everybody's Jackpot This progressive jackpot online slot game has a game show theme with a host and a beautiful assistant, much like those that you see on TV.  Everybody's Jackpot is in the characteristic Playtech's "nine blocks - 9 reels" format that has 8 activated pay lines by default.  Pay lines 1 through 5 pay left to right and pay lines 6 through 8 pay from the top to the bottom.  The bet per line can be varied between €0.10 and €100. The best feature of Everybody's Jackpot is the Mystery Progressive Jackpot though.  To qualify for a slice of the huge pie of the progressive jackpot, you must wager at least €50 on this game in 24 hours, and the progressive jackpot is triggered randomly during any main game spin.  The player who triggered the spin wins 70% of the amount standing in the progressive jackpot at that time, while 15% is shared equally among all other qualified players and the remaining 15% is distributed between the other players.  But what's really impressive about this Jackpot is that even if you have logged off from the Playtech casino you have been playing on, you can still share the jackpot hit by another player as long as he has qualified for it.
    The symbols reflect the typical prizes awarded on a TV show: money, wrist watches, jewelry, etc.  Some other symbols are the A, K, Q, J and 10 that form a Royal Flush, as well as the wild logo symbols and the scatter logo symbols, not forgetting the Jackpot symbols.

Everybody's Jackpot Slots Free Spins

Everybody's Jackpot Special FeatureThis mode triggers when three or more Scatter symbols land anywhere on the reels.  You'll instantly win not only the scatter prize but also 12 free spins for added prizes.  During the Free Spins, a Wild symbol appears in the center block on the center reel.  Free spins can retrigger forever, adding 12 more spins every time three or more Logos land on the reels, which is insane: if, for instance, you hit another three or more Scatter symbols in the first spin, you'll now have 23 free spins available, which means 23 more chances to hit the three or more Scatter symbols again, and it goes on and on.  Then, there's the Everybody's Jackpot Slot Progressive Jackpot: this one is randomly triggered during the main game and offers the potential for big wins with the right investment.  To qualify for the constantly growing progressive jackpot you just need to have wagered at least €50 in the previous 24 hours.

Dawn of the Dinosaurs

Dawn of the Dinosaurs Slot Machine This new 888 Casino game brings back to life the mighty rulers of times past, the Dinosaurs, portrayed with vivid and beautiful graphics, animation and audio.  If you are looking for an epic adventure story reliving the ancient times of gigantic creatures that roamed the Earth, this five-reel 25-payline slot is definitely the right choice.  This video slot game unleashes the dinosaurs powers gradually, as they shriek, roar, lay eggs and battle between them in a Jurassic rainforest with its active volcano.  Besides the multimedia features, Dawn of the Dinosaurs offers you also serious odds of winning with several features described below.  This game is also different from any of the reviewed before games as it's considered a high roller slot machine: its coin denominations start from 5 cent which on the 25 pay lines (which makes the minimum bet $1.25), but you can choose a coin type of up to $10 per pay line.
    The symbols and characters of the game apart from the classic available A, K, Q, J and 10 symbols in fossilized strata that form a Royal Flush, you find other thematic symbols like several dinosaur heads of different species, Wild and Scatter symbols and also Dino Eggs that are handy to use with a certain feature of the game.  Variety is the word here.

The Raptor Clash Bonus Game

Dawn of the Dinosaurs Feature The Raptor Clash Bonus Game is the one that certainly draws more attention, as it resembles a kids fighting game that is triggered by three bonus symbols anywhere.  In this feature, you will clash against another dinosaur and you'll try to defeat with several moves using the paw, nail or bite within 5 rounds.  If you succeed, expect a chunky bonus that will boost your bankroll.  Then, there's Free Spin Explosion, in which you'll have to collect 4 lava rock symbols to choose the bonus of your preference: 30 free spins with no multiplier, 15 with a 2x multipliers, 10 with a 3x multiplier or 5 free spins with a 6x multiplier.  Since it's not too easy to collect all 4 rocks, when you do you must choose your bonus game carefully as it may well be a very easy way to collect plenty of coins in a blink, so choose wisely.  To end, there's the before mentioned T-Rex symbol feature, the Combo Completer: you must collect T-Rex's eggs, which will then act as a T-Rex wild and automatically fill the gap between two T-Rex symbols on the reels in order to make a winner.
    It's easy to understand that there are thousands of online gaming rooms that offer at least 10 slots games each, so multiplied by ten you quickly figure how popular the game has become over the years and seems to be no fad at all, judging by millions of players worldwide.  Though the future is never certain, the trend leads us to believe it's here to stay, so you'd better bet on it.  Preferably on all lines, of course.