Playing Jacks or Better Video Poker

This is by far the most well known video poker game.  The game is simple and easy to play.  There are no wild cards, but all you will need is a pair of Jacks to get paid.  The better the poker hand that you make, the more you will be paid.  The top prize is generally 4000 credits for a Royal Flush.
    Depending on the casino the minimum wager can be between $0.03 to $0.25 and the maximum wager is can be $25 to $500.  The pay out chart is more than fair.  There is a good balance between small frequent pay outs and a good size pay out for better poker hands as well.

Jacks or Better Pay Out Table



Pay Table*

Winnings **

Royal Flush



1000 credits

Straight Flush



270 credits

4 of a Kind



2952.50 credits

Full House



3345.30 credits




2727.75 credits




2256.60 credits

3 of a Kind



11,164.35 credits

Two Pair



12,925 credits

Jacks or Better



10,729.25 credits




47,370.75 credits

Pay Out%




* Pay table based on a 5 credit bet

** Pay out based after 50,000 credits wagered

Where to play Jacks or Better Online

The house edge can vary greatly depending on the pay out table.  It does not take much to turn a horrible pay out table to a great one and a great pay out table to a bad one.  Small changes such as adding an extra five credits for a straight or reducing the Full House by fifteen credits can dramatically change the odds of winning at Jacks or Better.  It is important that you compare the pay out tables before you start playing, so that you do not needlessly add an extra 5% to the house edge.
    The best casinos for you to play Jacks or Better will depend on a couple of things.  First off, if you are an American, then the Bovada Casino is your best choice.  Next if you want to play Jacks or Bettor video poker with a welcome bonus, then you should play at the Bet Online Casino, because most other casinos will restrict play at the video poker machines while clearing a bonus.

Game Play

This is a simple casino game to play.  To start you will need to select how many coins you want to wager per hand, in most cases you will be allowed to wager 1 to 5 credits.  Next you may need assign a dollar value on the credits depending on which casino you are playing at.  When you are ready to play you will need to click the bet max or the deal button.
    The set up after your initial five cards are dealt can differ depending on the casino.  Some casinos will require to click on each card you want to hold, some will require you to click on the cards you want to discard and some will have the cards already on hold for optimal play.  When you are confident in your selections, you can press the deal button.
    After your cards have been dealt, you will be paid based on the pay table at the casino.  We have listed above the three most popular pay tables that you are likely to encounter online.

Jacks or Better Poker